Legend of the Simurg


Simurg - a symbol of immortality. In literature, mythology and philosophy, there is a great variety of interpretations of the “Simurg” image. But in the language of poetry and our company the expression “to see a Simurg” means to fulfill the dream. One of the most beautiful and close to us legends about Simurg says Simurgh, the king of the birds, dwells on the mountain supporting heaven. Once, flying around the vastness of his possessions, he drops an indescribable beauty of a feather, and the local birds, who have been quarreled, having found him, decide to go in search of a wise king and ask him for advice. As usual, not everyone is eager to make a difficult journey, but still a small but determined detachment sets out on a journey. Birds overcome seven valleys - search, love, knowledge, detachment, unity, wonder and destruction. Many give up, others die during the flight, but thirty birds still reach the Simurg Mountains. And then the truth is revealed to them that “Simurg” (no wonder the word “si” is in ancient Persian - thirty, “murgh” is a bird) is themselves, each of them and all of them together.