Zito cervik

Probe “Yunona”: cytobrush with cervical brush

The instrument consists of a convenient handle and two working parts. The working part – cytobrush has elastic bristles which provide the possibility of qualitative taking of material for cytological and other tests. The headpiece cervical brush is a brush with many flexible plastic bristles of different length situated parallel to the instrument handle. Advantages
The instrument provides representative atraumatic taking of material from several areas. In case of necessity the working part cytobrush can be bent at any angle to the handle. This allows to adapt the instrument depending on the anatomic features of the area where the taking of material is carried out. Cervical brush provides representative atraumatic and painless taking of material from the mucous membrane surface and lower 1/3 of cervical canal.
Taking material for cytological, microbiological tests in obstetric-gynecologic, dermatovenereologic practice.
Gas sterilization.