Cervik tampon

Probe “Yunona”: cervical brush with tampon

Original single-use instrument for taking material from cervical canal and cervix uteri surface. The instrument consists of the handle on which there is a headpiece – cervical brush. The headpiece cervical brush is a brush from many flexible plastic bristles of different length placed parallel to the instrument handle. On the opposite end the handle there is a headpiece – tampon. The tampon is manufactured from hygroscopic material and is used for taking material (smear-imprint) from the mucous membranes surfaces, the removal of discharge surplus before the taking of material for cytological tests. Advantages
The instrument provides representative atraumatic and painless taking of material from the surface of cervix uteri and lower third of cervical canal. In case of discharge surplus it is possible to remove it with the help of the tampon.
Taking material for cytological, microbiological tests in obstetric-gynecologic practice.
Gas sterilization.