Intrauterine contraceptive device “Yunona Bio-T Super”

The anchor of the intrauterine contraceptive is made of plastic and T - shaped. A copper wire with a nominal active surface area of ​​380 mm2 (copper purity is not less than 99.98%) is wound on a vertical armature rod, and a monofilament thread is fixed to control the location and removal of the contraceptive. The contraceptive anchor is treated with an antimicrobial compound containing propolis. To reduce the risk of PID in the first 20 days after anchor of the contraceptive is treated with an antimicrobial composition containing propolis. X-ray and ultrasound contrast is provided by the presence of copper wire on the rod.
The method of insertion of IUD “Yunona Bio-T” - the method of “withdrawal”, the diameter of graduated tube-conductor is 3,9 mm. Duration of contraception – not more than 5 years. Gas sterilization.
The contraceptive comes in a blister pack placed in a secondary carton. Instructions for use are attached.