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Uterine pessary “Yunona”

Uterine pessaries “Yunona” from inert plastic material are used for conservative correction of prolapse and fallout of women genitals. In comparison with the similar products made from rubber elastic uterine pessary “Yunona” less often causes inflammation and is more durable. They are manufactured in three sizes: uterine pessary “Yunona” type 1;2;3 Upon the attaining of body temperature our pessary gains optimum softness. Recommendations for use of pessary: Before pessary insertion gynecological examination is necessary in order to eliminate the presence of inflammatory and other diseases of female genitals.
The manipulation is carried out with the observation of the general rules of aseptics.
Pessary is inserted into vagina in sagittal plane, inside the vagina is turned into frontal plane with its convex side facing the cervix uteri.
Immediately after pessary insertion, make sure that the patient doesn’t feel pain and discomfort and that pessary doesn’t fall out in case of straining effort. In case of appearance of pain or in case of falling out of device it is necessary to use the pessary of a different size.
During first 4 weeks of using pessary it is necessary to visit gynecologist every 10-14 days (for the assessment of treatment effectiveness, choice of optimal term of continuous pessary use). During the use of pessary the development of vaginal inflammatory diseases is possible.