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Intrauterine contraceptive device "Juno T Au"

Intrauterine gold spiral with an injection system. The IUD is equipped with a copper wire with a gold core, which increases efficiency and allows the use of a contraceptive for 7 years.
The anchor of the intrauterine contraceptive is made of biologically inert plastic and has a classic T-shape.
The unique patented “Nautilus” injection system ensures easy insertion and high accuracy of the location of the contraceptive in the uterus, reduces risk of expulsion.
A monofilament thread is attached to the contraceptive anchor to control the location of the device in the uterus and to remove the IUD. X-ray and ultrasound contrast are provided with wire.
The diameter of the conductor tube is 3.9 mm; a measuring scale is applied to the conductor tube to mark the depth of contraceptive insertion.
Gas sterilization. The contraceptive comes in a blister pack placed in a secondary carton. Instructions for use are attached.