New speculum "Yunona" is available in the Russian Federation

Zerkalo new blu sq

We are glad to inform you that now you can purchase gynecological speculum (Kusco) "Yunona" in the territory of the Russian Federation!
The new speculum "Yunona" is much more compact than the previous types of specula.
The design of speculum allows you to perform any medical and diagnostic manipulations.
The speculum is made completely transparent, including the fixator. The classic design of the twist lock ensures reliable fixation of the blades in the chosen position.
Transparent speculum blades do not distort the color of the vaginal mucous membrane.
Reinforced speculum strength and patient-centered design enhance safety and reduce discomfort during the use of the instrument.

Speculum gynecological (Kusco) "Yunona" №2/ M: nominal width of blades - 26 mm.
It is supplied sterile and ready to use.