Registration for probes cervical brushes in Roszdravnadzor

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Dear doctors of the Russian Federation!

We are pleased to inform you that Medical enterprise "Simurg" has received the registration in Roszdravnadzor for new instruments "Yunona".

Our probes - combined cervical brushes (including "Plus" model with ejector), will be sold in Russia starting from January.
The probes provide high-quality and safe taking of material from the surface of cervix uteri and from cervical canal for bacteriological, cytological and other tests. The working part of the brush is made in form of many flexible polymer bristles of various lengths parallel to the handle and a central stem. Polymer bristles parallel to the handle ensure the taking of material from the surface of cervix uteri, and the bristles of the central stem provide the taking of material from the depth of cervical canal and from the area of the external os of cervix uteri.
Moreover, the combined cervical brush allows you to obtain a cytological analysis of cells from the area of junction of squamous and cylindrical epithelium where the localization of cancer is more often noted.
This allows for accurate diagnosis and timely detection of pathology. The products are supplied sterile and ready for use.

You can find more information about the instruments in our catalogue