Contribution of Simurg to the fight against COVID-19


In the face of the uncertain situation with the spreading coronavirus COVID-19, Simurg Medical Enterprise continues to pursue its mission - to take care of you and your health. The production sites of the company operate as usual, and we do our best to ensure uninterrupted supply of products to meet the demand of our partners and consumers. In a pandemic, the timely and sufficient provision of medical facilities fighting infection, with the necessary medicines and medical devices, is of particular importance. As you know, high-quality diagnostics is the basis for success for timely quarantine, preventive and therapeutic measures. It is important to be on time and quickly begin to act! A high-quality sampling of biomaterial (smear) for the diagnosis of COVID-19 from the surface of the mucous membranes of the nose and pharynx is one of the main components of success. From the experience of cytologists, the most convenient, high-quality and informative tool for obtaining material from the surface of mucous membranes is the cytobrush ( This tool surpasses cotton balls in all respects. The probe-brush has a more functional working part in terms of stiffness, which allows you to take the material more carefully. The material from which the working part is made is absolutely non-hygroscopic, which allows during transportation, regardless of its duration, to avoid the loss of part of the material that inevitably has inside the cotton ball when using a cotton swab. And finally, the working part of the cytobrush is easily disconnected from the rest of the tool and can be placed in any transport medium and container for transportation without loss of material. The Juno probe is urogenital ( and the urogenital flocked probe ( also proved to be effective tools for taking material from the surfaces of the mucous membranes. The working part of Juno probes is made of a biologically inert material, each instrument is packed in an individual sterile package. Buy Juno probes for taking biomaterial (smear) for the diagnosis of COVID-19. Together, we can resist the coronavirus infection and stop the pandemic, quickly detecting new infections and preventing the further spread of the virus! Simurg - taking care of you and your health! You can receive additional information on the acquisition of Juno probes: for the Republic of Belarus by calling +375 (212) 68 53 85, +375 (29) 191 77 91, +375 (29) 322 04 77, for the Russian Federation Federation and other regions by phone +375 (212) 33 04 71, +375 (212) 33 04 87, +375 (29 845 32 33, Information on the current situation with the spread of coronavirus infection and preventive measures is available at official sites: • World Health Organization • Ministry of Health of the Republic ELARUS • Official internet resource for informing the public on the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus coronavirus STOPCOVID