About us

Medical enterprise "Simurg" specializes in the development and implementation of advanced technological solutions in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and urology. The use of fundamentally new approaches to therapy with the use of innovative products created by the company in conjunction with leading scientific centers of Belarus, allows doctors to improve the quality of diseases' diagnosis and prevention, and patients to restore high quality of life.
For more than a quarter of a century, Medical Enterprise "Simurg" has successfully advanced along the path of providing a differentiated approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases.
Today, the company has 12 items of medical products and more than 200 modifications of products for obstetrics and gynecology. This means that doctors have a choice, an opportunity to apply an individual approach to the patient, who in turn receives convenience, safety and comfort during diagnostic and preventive procedures, as well as with subsequent treatment.
The company's experience in creating intrauterine contraceptives and pessaries not only provided Medical Enterprise “Simurg” with leadership in the CIS countries, but also allows it to be competitive in the EU market. In solving socially significant problems of women's health, the company has developed a fundamentally new technology and toolkit - gynecological obstetric pessary, which is widely used throughout the world.
The company was the first in Belarus to master the technology of working with medical silicone, becoming one of the few European manufacturers of pessaries made from innovative materials. This greatly expanded the potential for doctors in overcoming the problems of social adaptation of women who do not decide on surgical intervention.
High innovative activity of Medical Enterprise "Simurg" allows to successfully compete with the world's leading manufacturers of medical instruments. The creative environment is the main source of growth for the company, which continues to evolve, thanks to the improvement of internal culture and the consistent implementation of corporate strategy.
Our main principles are:
- Strengthening positions in traditional markets;
- Expansion of product range;
- Entry into the EU markets;
- Improving the structure of the enterprise;
- Maintain high ethical standards and respect for corporate history.
Taking care of you and your health!